Scottish Borders Tours

Scottish Borders Tours

To the South of Scotland lie the beautiful Scottish Borders, home to many ruins of dramatic castles, four beautiful medieval Abbeys and Abbotsford, home of Sir Walter Scott, Scotland’s most famous novelist.

This is the land of gentle sloping hills, of burbling streams and of ballad and folklore. Hear tales of King Arthur and his Knights ­ reputed to be living in the Eildon Hills and of Thomas the Rhymer, the Prophet Poet, who spent six years in the Fairy Kingdom.

The Borders was traditionally the home of Scottish knitwear and you can visit the Lochcarron Cashmere Centre, at Galashiels, where you can also trace your Scottish ancestry.

The Kelso and Melrose areas attract fishermen from around the world and there are a number of charming old fashioned hotels which are somehow preserved in aspic, ideal locations if you want to immerse yourself in the 19th century as well as the waters of the Tweed and Teviot. The Borders are a popular holiday destination for golfers too as there are over 21 courses in this unspoilt part of Scotland.

Think about coming in June, when you can see the famous Common Ridings in the Border towns when the townsfolk go out en masse on horseback to mark out the towns’ ancient boundaries. This annual and colourful pageant harks back to the days of sheep and cattle rustling in the Middle Ages, when the Border Reivers (bandits) ruled by the sword and “Jedhart (Jedburgh) Justice” prevailed – hang ‘em first and ask questions later!

Scottish Borders Tour Testimonial

"Sharon and I want to thank you for helping make our Scotland holiday such a memorable experience. We would never have been able to experience the territory north of Edinburgh without your assistance. Your patience with us as we wandered the Borders while searching our family tree made this part of the tour particularly fulfilling. We were so impressed with your professionalism and your skills in driving. And your warm personality was particularly charming. Thank you for making our Scotland trip such a huge and wonderful visit. We really appreciated you”.
Bill and Sharon Kennedy