Hadrian's Wall Tour

Hadrian's Wall Tour

We head to Hadrian’s Wall in the North East of England, the best known frontier in the entire Roman Empire, built on the orders of the Emperor Hadrian who came to Britain in AD 122.

The Wall which runs from the East to the West coast, is an 80 mile winding stretch of forts, turrets and temples, which cross over some of the most dramatic landscape in the whole of Northumbria.

We visit Chesters Fort, the best-preserved cavalry fort in Britain. The Fort has a delightful riverside setting and a very well preserved Bath House. We also visit Housesteads, the most complete Roman fort in Britain, perched high on a volcanic ridge with spectacular views over the deserted valley.

We will also visit The Roman Army Museum which will give you a wonderful overview of how the Wall functioned and what life was like for the soldiers who guarded it – pretty grim I would imagine! You will also have an opportunity to walk along a section of the Wall which snakes like a serpent on top of a whin crag towering over the countryside beneath.

Exploring this world heritage site never fails to leave visitors with a sense of awe and wonder.

This is a day tour from Central Scotland.

Hadrian's Wall Testimonial

"We want to thank you again for the wonderful tour. None of us can think of anything we would have changed. It was awesome and you were a big part of that. …. for showing us what we wanted to see and introducing us to things we didn’t know we would enjoy."
Sandra Pidduck and family
Quebec City